Protect the integrity of your building with a quality roof and gutter system.

Roofing & Gutters

Keep your climate under control with better windows and doors.

Windows & Doors

Restore the look of your home or business with new vinyl, fiber cement or wood siding.


Refresh the appearance of your building's exterior with a new coat of paint.

Exterior Painting
Does Your Building Need an Update?

Does Your Building Need an Update?

Call a premier roofing, siding and window contractor in Fox Lake and Barrington Hills, IL

When you want to fix, update or transform the look of your home, call Superior Exteriors Inc. for exceptional results! We handle a variety of exterior rejuvenation projects, including roofing, siding, gutter, window and door projects. Call us today to get a free estimate from an experienced contractor in Fox Lake, Illinois.

5 ways we can help improve your building

If you want to improve your property, call Superior Exteriors to see what we can do for you. We've helped your neighbors give their homes new life in the Greater Chicago area - here's a taste of what we can do to improve your building:
  1. Replace saggy, leaking gutters with a new seamless gutter system.
  2. Fix the damage to your roof from last week's chaotic thunderstorm.
  3. Improve your home's climate with new energy-efficient windows and doors.
  4. Replace rusty, old siding with brand new wood or vinyl siding.
  5. Paint your entire exterior, including your porch and columns.

This only scratches the surface on what we can do for you and your building. Whether you're in need of a roofing contractor or a window contractor in the Fox Lake, IL area, turn to Superior Exteriors for great results.

Superior service, superior results - get your free estimate today.

At Superior Exteriors, we focus on providing high-quality service and using premium materials. All of our projects come with a 5-year workmanship warranty. Our crew is licensed, bonded and OSHA-trained. Call us for siding, window, door and gutter installation in Fox Lake, IL.

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